A hair weft is an extension of the hair designed to make one’s hair appear thicker or longer. This type of hair piece is particularly popular among teenagers and young adults, though they are accessible for most ages. Both synthetic hair wefts as well as human hair pieces are used to make hair wefts.

The most common ways of attachment:

  • Sew in or braided – The weft is sewn on with a thread to your own braided (cornrow) hair. Weaves are permanent, unlike clip-ins. The hair is plaited against the scalp in small rows and then sewn onto the plaits.
  • Bonding – The weft is attached to your hair close to the skin with a special glue.
  • Beads (linking) – The weft is attached to your own hair with small beads. Several strands of your hair are pulled through the beads which is tightened.
  • Tape In – This works very much the same as Luxury tape in extensions. This method will give the least tension to your hair and can be used with fine thin hair as long as the weft is not too heavy.
  • Clip Ins – This is like Luxury Clip-in extensions. Multiple clips are used to attach the weft to your hair. When the weft is heavy it can really pull your hair. It is not recommended to sleep with the clips on.

Weaves can also be made into wigs,a full head requires 2-3 weaves