Tape-in Extensions

Our Seamless tape-in extensions are available in packs of 10 tapes per colour, in lengths 35,45cm, 50cm and 55cm.

Tape quantities needed:

Half a head: 20 tapes (50g)

Normal Full head: 40 tapes (100g)

Luxury head: 60 tapes (150g) – very thick


Please see our color-chart for more information on all your colour related questions. 

Available in a wide variety of salon inspired shades and panels which can be combined to create a custom colour blend. Please visit www.ndnhair.co.za to see our colour-chart,  or email us at info@ndnhair.co.za for more information on all your colour related questions. 

When installed correctly and maintained properly every 6 to 10 weeks, tape-in hair extensions is the least damaging option when it comes to hair extensions. Each of our tape-in extensions weighs 2.5g and is placed 1mm from the scalp. Each tape is 4cm by 1cm in size. This means that there is less tension on your natural hair compared to any other extension method.

Low Maintenance: Tape-in extensions is the easiest hair extension method to maintain due to its thin 4cm width construction. It is easy to forget that you’re wearing tape-in extensions due to its lightweight and natural texture. You will only be required to rebond after 8 to 10 weeks following installation. 

Least Damaging: Tape-in extensions are the least damaging on the market. These extensions are extremely lightweight and don’t apply pressure to your own hair like other extensions do – they allow for natural hair growth without discomfort or hair loss. 

Reusable: Tape-in extensions are reusable for up to a year which will allow for approximately 3 to 4 applications. This process consists of the removal of the tape-in extensions, reapplying the adhesive, and re-bonding the tape to the natural hair. 

Installation time: A full length transformation can be achieved in under 60 minutes.

This is our goal, providing the best experience for you!